Our engineers and architects who have set their names under projects that contribute establishingAi??infrastructure of Turkey. In 2007, this team established Mimark Construction. Mimark providesAi??services as a subcontractor to large construction companies that are building highways, bridges,Ai??railways, supersturctures, substructures, tunnels, industrial plants and energy plants. OurAi??engineers completed more than 50 projects successfully in Turkey and abroad. In addition, MimarkAi??undersigned many interior design projects for restoration of apartments and villas.



AYDIN KULA, Civil Engineer, M.Sc

METU, Department of Civil Engineering, 1969 (B.Sc) ai??i?? 1972 (M.Sc)


BERK OSMAN KULA, Interior Architecture, M.Sc

Bilkent University, Department of Interior Design and Architecture , 2005 (B.Sc)

METU, Department of Architecture, 2009 (M.Sc)
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